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Project Description
The project allow user to view changeset history in different branches for a folder or file in a branch. Adds Branch History button to Source Control Explorer.

Older versions at

Plugin for VS2010

Plugin for VS2012

TFS Branched History 2.2 for Visual Studio 2012

Quick start:

Plugin does insert "Branched History" button into the context menu of Source Control Explorer (TFS)

The button icon is with clock like standard "History" but with blue arrow:

If you click "Branched History", new window will be opened and Path property will be set to the current Source Control Explorer path.


The plugin assumes that you should run the command for a branched item. If it hasn't branches it doesn't work.

Select branches.

Click "Start" to get results at the "History" tab:

From context menu you can query standard Changeset Details and Compare File (Folder) dialogs.


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